June 27, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Leisa Peterson, Founder of the Wealth Clinic and Author of 5 Simple Steps to Creating Mindful Wealth
Topic: Creating a Healthy, Mindful Relationship with Money
Length: 41:09

June 20, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Congressman Jimmy Duncan, RIVR Media CEO Dee Haslam, and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett
Topic: Three Civic Leaders Discuss the Influence Their Fathers Had On Their Career Paths, Their Lives of Service and Their Personal and Professional Philosophies
Length: 47:56

June 13, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero
Topic: City of Knoxville’s Recently Approved $206M Budget With Increased Funding For Infrastructure, Parks, and Youth Development
Length: 44:22

June 6, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Archie Willard, Author of Last Reader Standing & Marghee Jones, Fundraising Coordinator for Friends of Literacy, Knoxville, TN
Topic: Lack of Literacy and the Social and Economic Impacts in the U.S. and East Tennessee
Length: 45:42

May 30, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Cynthia Bowman & Kate Holmes
Topic: The ‘New Retirement’: Redefining a Traditional Concept
Length: 42:23

May 23, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Jim Clayton
Topic: How to Go from a Dream to Creating Significant Impact in the Real World
Length: 40:00

May 16, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Dr. Joe DiPietro, President of UT & Tanisha Baker, Team Leader of Project Grad
Topic: The University of Tennessee, Growth and Impact
Length: 38:56

May 9, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Tom Rath, author of Eat, Move, Sleep
Topic: Eat, Move, Sleep: How Small Choices Can Lead to Big Changes
Length: 40:38

May 2, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Michelle Hankes (Red Cross) & Alan Lawson (City of Knoxville Emergency Management)
Topic: The Power of Being Prepared and Having a PLAN
Length: 46:00

April 25, 2015

Host: Jim Brogan
Guest: Jeanne Robertson (beloved southern comedian) and Tom Von Berg (Knoxville Breakfast Rotary Club), sponsoring upcoming Knoxville event that will feature Jeanne)
Topic: Finding the (Necessary) Humor in Life
Length: 43:38