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Jim Brogan, MBA, is a well-known financial educator, author and radio talk-show host. Jim was named the 2011 National Advisor of the Year by Senior Market Advisor Magazine, the industry’s leading publication for advisors specializing in retirement planning services.

Interest Rates

How Do Interest Rates Affect Capital Markets?

How might the capital markets react to rising interest rates, and how is that going to affect your financial future? Everybody’s looking for yield, everybody’s looking for something that will pay something. What has happened is a lot of people have loaded up more and...

How we elect Social Security benefits is a critical element of a successful retirement plan

How important is your Social Security decision in serving your retirement financial plan? The answer is, it’s critical. In a recent article from Investment News, an industry journal that I subscribe to, they asked the top ten Social Security questions you should be asking....

Minimizing Taxes in Retirement

How do you best minimize taxes in retirement? I talk about this a great deal in our Dollars & Sense segments. When we are retired and drawing income we have to be very mindful of our income tax brackets. If you are in a 10% or 15% tax bracket, your tax bracket for long-term...

Parents are facing fears of Full Nest Syndrome

Are your Retirement Plans at risk? Forget about the empty nest syndrome, parents now fear the cost of a full nest. Pre-retirees whose kids are moving back home after college or after failed careers or marriages are spending so much on their adult children that some are risking...

A Day in the Life of Jim Brogan: 2011 Advisor of the Year

By Daniel D. Williams September 2011 issue of Senior Market Advisor ® Copyright 2011 The late basketball coach, John Wooden, had a philosophy he lived by, “be quick, but don’t hurry.” Although Wooden was the Wizard of Westwood, making his name at UCLA and Jim Brogan bleeds...